If I pay for 100% of my college education, would I be better off if my parents will give me a college graduation present: half of the money they presently plan to pay for my college costs? If my parents paid for me to go to college they probably won’t have enough for my siblings. If I paid for me to go to college then My siblings could maybe go. I would need to get a small business or a small job and use savings. Either I could pay 100% for me to go to college, My parents could pay 100% for me to go to college, or I could pay most money and my parents some. What I want to do is have a small business and pay for myself to go and if my parents want to help I’ll let them. College is very expensive which means that I would have to pay a lot to go to college. This is my plan for me to get into college. 

What was Equiano’s attitude regarding his life in the British Navy? According to Wikipedia “Olaudah Equiano (c. 1745 – 31 March 1797), known for most of his life as Gustavus Vassa was a writer and abolitionist from, according to his memoir, the Eboe region of the Kingdom of Benin (today southern Nigeria). Enslaved as a child in Africa, he was taken to the Caribbean and sold as a slave to a Royal Navy officer. He was sold twice more but purchased his freedom in 1766.” When Equiano was eleven he and his sister were at home by themselves while the adults were working, which was normal. Not long after that Equiano was separated from his sister and taken into slavery.  This happened often. If you read some of my earlier essays about slavery you would have read how evil slavery was. According to Merriam-Webster, slavery means “the state of being a slave.” And according to Merriam-Webster a slave is “a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them.” That means that a person can buy an African-American and force him to work for him without getting paid and with little food. Back then white men were evil to whip African-Americans and make them feel that no one cared about them. White men thought that God cared less about African-Americans just because they were a different slave color. They were wrong.

And back to the topic. What was Equiano’s attitude regarding his life in the British Navy? This answer is surprising. I think that he thought of the British Navy was actually positive. What was funny about this was that when Equiano first saw the Sailors of the British Navy he thought that they were going to eat him. He asked someone who was on the ship if they were going to eat him and he said no. Equiano finally and thankfully got over his fear. I’m really glad that slavery does not exist anymore. 

What is my most important skill that I can use in starting my business this year? Well, probably the most important skill that I can use is working knowledge. I am wanting to grow chickens for their eggs. Every year I get chicks from Rural King and grow them through the year and the next spring they start laying. Every day I water and feed them, some may die, but their are more. Chickens are really fun too play with and they are good to snuggle with. And since their eggs are fresh they are healthier than most chicken eggs. This is my small business and it is fun. 

What I must do in my note-taking to describe what is going on around me. What makes a good autobiography is when the author describes what is going around him or her with there five senses. The first sense that I will talk about is  sound or hearing. It would be sad to be deaf because you would miss too many wonderful sounds like good music and birds whistling in the morning. The author would write down what he or she heard in their lifetime. Hearing is an important thing to describe otherwise the reader of the autobiography would not fully understand what is happening too well. 

The next sense I would like to talk about is smell. Smells are wonderful! Without them you couldn’t smell flowers or your favorite foods. Smells also trigger memories. Whenever I smell citrus I think of oranges or lemons. Smells are important in life and without them you would be missing a lot. For example when my mom was young  my grandmother or her mom used almond extract to make cookies at Christmas. So whenever my mother smells almond extract she thinks of Christmas. 

The third sense that I want to talk about is the sense of sight. Sight is wonderful and without it you could barely tell where you were and what was happening around you. With sight you can see what is happening around you and you can play things. Sight is helpful in many ways. One is that you can play board games with friends and family. Nature is a beautiful sight. 

The fourth sense that I want to talk about is the sense of taste. Without taste you couldn’t enjoy eating any foods. Taste buds are the reason of why food is amazing. Taste helps you enjoy life. My family may seem weird to other families because we don’t eat at most restaurants and eat healthier. We drink milk strait from a farm too. 

The fifth and final sense is the sense of touch. Without touch you feel dogs hair, warmth, or cold. Describing these five senses in an autobiography is very important. If the author didn’t describe them then the autobiography would be hard to understand.

Has any event in your life had the same impact that learning how to read had on Douglass’s life? If not, why not? His full name was Frederick Douglass. Douglass was a slave. According to Wikipedia “Douglass’s full name was Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey, but he dropped two of his names after he escaped slavery. He was ‘an American social reformer, abolitionist, orator, writer, and statesman. After escaping from slavery in Maryland, he became a national leader of the abolitionist movement in Massachusetts and New York, becoming famous for his oratory and incisive antislavery writings.” Recently I have read some of his autobiography, but I will finish it very soon.

Douglass’s second master was a kind woman. She taught him how to read and write. In the south teaching slaves to read and write was illegal. This was illegal because the owners of the slaves thought that if their slaves learned to read and write they would no longer be content with being a slave. This may mean that they would get free and try to take the south over. Learning to read and write was the first step that Douglass took to being a free man. He would have never written his autobiography if he didn’t learn to read and write. Learning to read and write was a huge impact on Douglass’s life, but an even greater one I had on my life was when I was baptized.

Has any event in your life had the same impact that learning how to read had on Douglass’s life? If not, why not? Mine was being baptized at church. It showed everyone that I believed in Jesus the Son of God died for me. Before I believed I was scared at night and always asked my parents to pray with me and I was having nightmares, but after I believed I wasn’t scared or had nightmares anymore. Now I only have nightmares when God wants to tell me what I’m doing wrong in my life. It was not too close too what happened in Douglass’s life because learning to read and write isn’t as important as believing in God. 

At the moment I am twelve years old and know how to read and write. Me learning to read and write did not have as much impact on my life than Douglass’s life because he was a slave and it was illegal for him to learn. It must have been very influential for him. 

My 9-month plan to get a part-time job at no less than $20/hour to help a businessman improve his marketing. During month one I would find a job and get it. The next month I would get to know the place and where everything is. On month three I would get to know the people who worked there like where they lived and about their history. Months four and five would be writing down things about the other people that work there and how I can help that business grow. The next three months would be helping the business make more money. If it was a restaurant I would tell neighbor’s, friends, and family about how good the food was there. If it was a store I would get more people to buy the products. And for month nine I would plan out my presentation and graph out my plans the business and when I am finished I would present it. 

As a writer of an autobiography about life in the woods, would you spend more pages describing an ant war or loons? Why? It is written like this because I have been reading Thoreau’s book Walden. I like loons because I like birds and I hate ants, but both are interesting. Here is why. 

According to Google , “Ant Wars are a direct, aggressive interaction between ants of different colonies. Ants are engaged in competition with other ants. For example, if one colony monopolizes the supply of food, this source is unavailable to other ants – that is an indirect form of competition.” An ant war is basically a war between two colony’s of ants because of food problems or territory issues. As it says in Google, “Ants may fight to protect their own nests or food storage from enemies or when they try to take over nests or seize food of not only other ant species, but also other colonies of the same species.” Ants will fight to protect their colony. It would be very interesting to see an ant war.

According to “Wilderness North”, “Loons are water birds like ducks, geese, and grebes, but they are classified separately by scientists. The five species are Red-throated Loon Gavia stellata, Pacific Loon Gavia pacifica, Arctic Loon Gavia arctica, Yellow-billed Loon Gavia adamsii, and Common Loon Gavia immer.” Loons are very beautiful and it would be interesting to find out what they did during the day.

As a writer of an autobiography about life in the woods, would you spend more pages describing an ant war or loons? Why? I would write about an ant war. It would be interesting to watch and write down what happened and the reader would be interested in what happened. 

What local marketing advantages do I now have that I did not have when the week began? One, build a business that makes you comfortable and your customers happy. If I make a business that I have no fun with the business ends, or if my customers don’t like it I have no customers. Two, having a website. If you have no customers you have no business. Without a website people will never find out so you’ll have no customers which means no business. Third, location. Without a location to have your business it cannot grow. My family gets milk and yogurt from a farm. Every Friday night they drive to a location, my family and other families go to that location too, and we get milk and yogurt. These three points are very important to having a business.

How important is it for a person to summarize his philosophy of life in an early chapter of an autobiography? In most autobiography’s the writer does not say what his beliefs are. I think that saying what your beliefs are is very important in an autobiography. If you write one it is about you. Saying your beliefs would help people know what your lifestyle was. 

As the author of your autobiography your in charge of what the book says and how you describe your life. If you keep reminding the readers your beliefs throughout your autobiography then it will help the readers to understand your autobiography better. In Thoreau’s book Walden he tried to do this, but failed. He just made himself look extremely hypocritical and narcissistic.

In some autobiography’s it is important to know the background of the person. In Henry David Thoreau’s book Walden he wanted to connect with nature. His autobiography was about him going to live on Walden Pond and building a shack there to live in. For twenty-six months of his life he did a little experiment. He talked about his life on Walden Pond and his experiment.

I don’t really care if the author of an autobiography does not write his beliefs, but writing there beliefs would make their autobiography better to understand. If I write an autobiography I would no doubt put my beliefs in it. I would also remind the reader of my beliefs.

Procrastination kills. According to Google procrastination is “the action of delaying or postponing something.” You may be wondering why the title is procrastination kills and what it kills. Well to answer both questions according to “Sid Savara”, procrastination kills “productivity, ambition, opportunities, motivation, progress, projects you long for most, dreams, and one minute, one hour, and one day at a time. And every week or month, when you wonder where the time went, if you procrastinated- then procrastination is slowly killing you.” For a moment let’s say that you promised your best friend that you would do something with them, but then something comes up at work. You postpone that until later and you to your friends house. Well the next day it’s too late and you go out of business. I’m not saying that you should not spend time with your friend, I’m saying that your friend will understand more than where you work. As it says in Ephesians 5:15-17 “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil. Therefore, do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. That is a very good on using your time wisely. Here is another good verse on spending your time wisely.” It is Proverbs 6:6-8 “Go to the ant, O sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise. Without having any chief, officer, or ruler, she prepares her bread in summer and gathers her food in harvest.” It is a verse on laziness. These two verses can be very helpful in your life. Listen too them and meditate on them and listen to them. They will help you so be diligent. Get rid of procrastination and laziness. That will help your business grow even bigger.