In what ways did revenge figure into the strategies of the countries fighting in World War II? First, here’s an example of revenge. America wasn’t really a part of the was until the bombing of Pearl Harbor. America declared war on Japan for revenge. If Pearl Harbor wasn’t bombed, how would the war have turned out? 

After World War I Germany was forced to do things like keep small military, claim they started the war, lose territory, and pay reparations. Hitler became in charge and started breaking all of these laws. He created a secret military and stock up on weapons. when Hitler believed that Germany was ready, he began taking revenge on countries. These countries got revenge back on Germany and this was the outbreak of World War II. 

Revenge held the war together. If one country didn’t get revenge on the country that attacked them, the war might have never ended. If America didn’t get revenge on Japan they might have never joined, which means they would have never bombed Japan and end the war. 

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