How could I adopt Northup’s technique of using contrasts? If you read my last paper “The differences between Northup’s response to separation from his children and Eliza’s response to separation from her children” or read his autobiography “Up From Slavery” you would know who Solomon Northup was. If you haven’t done either do so and here is a brief overview of his life. Northup was a free African-American who was born in New York. He was tricked into slavery and was told not to tell anyone he was a free man or he would be killed. He was greatly valued by his last master. He talked to a white man who did not believe in slavery who sent a note to some of Northup’s friends in New York. Soon enough they came for Northup and he went home to his family. 

I love to read. Solomon Northup’s autobiography up from slavery was well written. He put detail in his book which just made me want to read more of it. Another reason I like this man is because he hated slavery before he witnessed it. In an earlier paper I wrote about why slavery was evil. Northup witnessed  everything that I wrote in that paper. 

And to the question, How could I adopt Northup’s technique of using contrasts? Well I could Watch things closely in my life and write it down or journal it. Contrasts happen everywhere. I just have to know when and where to look for them. 

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