According to Wikipedia “A subsidy or government incentive is a type of government expenditure targeted towards individuals and households, as well as businesses with the aim of stabilising the economy. It ensures that individuals and households are viable by having access to essential goods and services while giving businesses the opportunity to stay afloat and/or competitive. Subsidies not only promote long term economic stability but also help governments to respond to economic shocks during a recession or in response to unforeseen shocks such as COVID-19.” So a subsidy is when the government gives money to the people to stop a problem. 

According to GEMET, state control is “The power or authority of a government to regulate or command industry, organizations, programs, initiatives and individuals.” According to Wikipedia, “State media or government media are media outlets that are under financial and/or editorial control of the state or government, directly or indirectly. There are different types of state and government media. State-controlled or state-run media are under editorial control or influence by the state or government.” State control is basically when the government tries to control everything that happens. According to Collins Dictionary, state control literally means “control by the government”.

Is it possible to have state subsidies without state control? No. In order for the government to give “free money” to people they have to take money from other people, and since nobody wants to have money taken from them the government forces then too. The government isn’t taking money from specific people though. They do it do everyone through something we all know as taxes. So overall the government is trying to control you and to do it they take your money.

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