Is restitution to victims better for society than jail sentences for criminals? What is restitution to victims? Imagine someone robs someone and they’re caught. They would have to give back to the victim what he stole and more. That is restitution of victims. Jail sentences for criminals is pretty explanatory, but just in case. Let’s say a guy robs someone and instead of paying restitution they go to jail. 

Let’s discuss restitution to victims in more detail. If someone’s caught robbing, but they don’t get arrested, they just have to pay restitution. What does he learn? Parents don’t punish their children, they discipline them. They only do this so they don’t disobey again. It’s the same way here. If the thief doesn’t get disciplined then they just rob again. 

Now let’s discuss jail sentences for criminals in a bit more detail. If the guy goes to jail he learns not to do what he did again. If he does, then he’ll go to jail again and maybe that time he’ll learn.

I believe that jail sentences for criminals is better for society. 

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