In school, I watched a video about how to make a borax crystal. When my brothers were done with school they watched the video with me. The next day, we got the things I needed. We made the borax crystals and left them out overnight. The next day, we got our borax crystals.

Ingredients: Borax, three white pipe cleaners, boiling water, string, pan or glass cup, and stick.

We think this rock is limestone or sandstone. My grandparent, Tom, had this. I think somebody gave it to him. It has a fossil of a sea creature on it. It is as big as my hand!

We think this is granite. Granite came from a volcano, then turns to a harder rock because it is a metamorphic rock. Metamorphic means it starts as a different rock and it changes into granite. There are lots of rocks to choose from. These three were some of my favorites.