Perseus was a prince. His uncle was afraid Perseus would take the throne from him, so he put Perseus and his mother in a box and threw the box into the river. Later a fisherman found the box and saved Perseus and his mother.

   At the fisherman’s island, the king loved Perseus’s mother but hated Perseus. Some days the king tried to marry her, but Perseus always stopped him. Perseus wanted to stop him, so he went to kill Medusa.

   Medusa was a gorgon. A gorgon was a woman with a really beautiful face that was cursed by the gods and anyone who looked on its face turned to stone. Medusa was mortal so Perseus could kill her. The gods gave him a knapsack, a sword, darkness to hide in, winged sandals, and a polished shield. Perseus beheaded Medusa and went to the kingdom where the king was trying to marry his mother again. Perseus was mad, so he closed his eyes and pulled out Medusa’s head and every wicked person who looked on it turned to stone. Later the fisherman and Perseus’s mother got married and Perseus became king.