Sparta was a very crude society. They were obsessed with war. At the age of seven boys were taken from their homes and trained for war. All year even in winter they wore barely any clothes at all. They were fed barely anything and this was to train them because they would try to steal food and if they were caught their punishment was big. at age twenty they were allowed to get married, but they were hardly ever allowed to see their wife or kids. This was done to train them to sneak out. At age thirty they could be real citizens. Although the woman ate at home good food and the men ate at public mess halls which were very dirty. They ate horrible food which sometimes had blood in it.

Aristotle is known as one of the greatest philosophers to ever live. For twenty years he was a student in Plato’s academy and later founded his own school. He spent a lot of his life their teaching. studying, and writing. 

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