This paper is the sixth and the final of these papers. I was told to write about my favorite business from these past five weeks and that is an egg laying business. 

1: Who will I serve in the marketplace? Well I’ll serve the people in the community that don’t want to get eggs from the store every week. Ways I can tell people are putting out fliers or go door to door selling eggs.

2: How will I help them? They might not have the money at that moment for gas and for meals. If they knew that I was selling eggs that’s a quick and easy meal. I would help them by getting them eggs quickly and my eggs would be fresh and healthy. A lot of people feed their chickens bad stuff and don’t let them roam around. That makes less quality eggs.

3: What are the barriers to entry for this service? There are things that could harm or stop my business. Things like the winter. Chickens stop laying when it’s cold, but they lay again in the spring. There is school. Sometimes I couldn’t get eggs to my customers because I’m busy with school. Competition. Other people selling eggs could make their eggs cheaper so people would stop buying from me. And last wild animals. I already have chickens and this is a big problem for me. They eat chickens and their eggs. To be ready for any of this I would have to have a backup job.

4: How will I make money doing this service? This is an easy one. I would sell eggs. I feed chickens, they lay eggs, I collect eggs, I sell eggs to customer, then customer pays me. 

5: Why is this a long-term opportunity for me? If I could make money off this for five years that would be great. Five years is my goal. This is a good job because I would buy chickens every two years. 

I love animals and this would be a great job for me because I’m already doing it.

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