Once there were twin baby princes named Romulus and Remus. Their uncle who was king did not want them to take over the kingdom, so he threw them into a river to drown. Once he left, a she-wolf found them and rescued them. She fed them like they were her cubs. Days later, a farmer and his wife found them and raised them until they grew up. When they were grown up, they found out they were princes. Once they found out, they were princes, they started looking for a place to build their cities. They each prayed to their gods to show them a sight. They each found a mountain and the next day they each came down and said they each saw a sign. They began to argue and in that argument, Romulus killed Remus. He went up his hill which was the Palatine hill and named his city Rome.

   A couple weeks after he finished Rome, he realized they didn’t have women and without women, Rome would not last long. He invited neighboring cities for a feast in honor of Neptune. When they were eating, Rome kidnapped the men’s daughters and married them. Once the men saw that they kidnapped their daughters, they called a fight. When they were about to start the fight, the woman ran between them and told them to stop for they were happy with their new husbands.