The Jews were being ruled by Rome right before Jesus was born and were looking for someone to free them. One day, an angel came to a young Jewish girl named Mary. He told her that she was going to have a baby king of the Jews named Jesus. She was engaged to a carpenter named Joseph. There was a decree that every man should go to the place where their family used to live. Joseph’s family lived in Bethlehem, so he went there with Mary and had Jesus. Angels told shepherds about Jesus and they saw Him and told everyone. about a year later, wise men went and saw Him. There was a decree that every child two and under should be killed, but God saved Jesus.

When Jesus was thirty, He began HIs ministry. The first thing that happened to Him was that He was baptized by John the Baptist. The two most powerful things He did were miracles and preaching. The first miracle He did was changing water into wine at a wedding. He brought many people to God by HIs preaching.

On Palm Sunday, Jesus rode on a donkey through Jerusalem. The people cried out Hosanna, blessed be the Son of God. The Last super replaced the Passover. One of His Disciples named Judas Iscariet betrayed Jesus for thirty pieces of silver. The Romans made a crown of thorns and gave Him a sign that said, “King of the Jews”. They made Him carry his own cross up a fill. The Roman governor naed Pilate told them to do what they wanted. They buried Him and three days later, He arose from the dead. Seventy days later, He went into Heaven.