One event that changed my life and is still changing my life is corona virus AKA covid19, that came from China. It started in 2020. Halfway through the month of March our whole State of Illinois shut down accept for hospitals, pharmcies, and grocery stores. I couldn’t go to church, Awana, Trail Life, the park, the mall, the library, the zoo, or restaurants. It was a terrible summer. We also did school all summer. For 2 months we had to watch school on the computer. When stores did finally open up again, you could only get inside by wearing a mask, which are not comfortable. In September we finally got to go back to Awana and Trail Life. A few months later my grandparents got covid, but they were totally fine. Our household never got it though. I don’t think people should be reacting this badly. The flu is much worse than covid. Some people aren’t even scared of it. The government makes people scared of it so they will get more power.

During covid my uncle Alex moved away to Virginia to be a police officer because he couldn’t be one in Illinois. My dad’s uncle Tarek helped him get accepted into the police Academy in Virginia. I felt really sad and I wanted him to come back immediately. It was lonely without him and even more because he came to my house a lot. We talked on the phone a lot with him but it wasn’t the same. He visited us during Christmas though. While in Virginia he met Rachel and they are now engaged. We got to go to Virginia in March for his graduation from Police Academy. We could not attend the actual graduation in person because of covid, but we were able to watch in online at Alex’s apartment. We all, my family, my grandparents, aunt Erin, her kids (my cousins), Alex and Rachel, went to Mount Vernon. We caught a lizard while we were there and my sister, Liberty, accidently pulled off its tail! Alex and Rachel got to come visit us this summer for the 4th of July. We went to a park to see fireworks and while we were waiting we went to the playground. My little cousin Addy who was 3, pooped in her pants and went down a slide. Poop got all over the slide. Because it was dark, we didn’t know that it had happened and so we went down the same slide and got poop all over us. It was disgusting! We also visited Grant’s Farm and Raging Rivers. We had a really fun visit! I still miss him, but I’m glad that he met Rachel and is now getting married this November!

This summer, 2021, my parents decided to start looking for a new house. We found a new house that was 3 times as big as our old house and it was right near our land, The Shire! We spent all summer packing boxes and fixing up our old house. People finally wanted to buy our house. So Owen and I helped move a third of the heavy stuff when it came time to move into our new house. I love our new house but I miss our old one.