First Booker T. Washington was a black man born into slavery. He made enough money to go to school for a little bit and after school he made his own school. He got a lot of money and soon he became rich and famous. Through all this work he made his point of view which is if African Americans make something that people need or if people can not live without something they make, that person should be treated fairly and be a part of society. In Booker T. Washington’s book “Up From Slavery” he quoted “The individual who can do something that the world wants done will, in the end, make his way regardless of his race”┬áHe also wanted all African American’s to be free from slavery and to be treated fairly in what they do.

The answer to the title of this paper is yes. I do agree that black people should be treated fairly in what they do and if they make something it shouldn’t be rejected it should be used. If I lived back then when slavery was happening and I was in charge of slavery I would release every slave and make them all free men. I’m sure that Booker T. Washington would agree with what I am writing down. I believe that his view of the future and my view of the future are the same, but all this does not mean that people not African American should be treated unfairly. I hope that all of you people who reads this paper can agree with me.

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