What I must do in my note-taking to describe what is going on around me. What makes a good autobiography is when the author describes what is going around him or her with there five senses. The first sense that I will talk about is  sound or hearing. It would be sad to be deaf because you would miss too many wonderful sounds like good music and birds whistling in the morning. The author would write down what he or she heard in their lifetime. Hearing is an important thing to describe otherwise the reader of the autobiography would not fully understand what is happening too well. 

The next sense I would like to talk about is smell. Smells are wonderful! Without them you couldn’t smell flowers or your favorite foods. Smells also trigger memories. Whenever I smell citrus I think of oranges or lemons. Smells are important in life and without them you would be missing a lot. For example when my mom was young  my grandmother or her mom used almond extract to make cookies at Christmas. So whenever my mother smells almond extract she thinks of Christmas. 

The third sense that I want to talk about is the sense of sight. Sight is wonderful and without it you could barely tell where you were and what was happening around you. With sight you can see what is happening around you and you can play things. Sight is helpful in many ways. One is that you can play board games with friends and family. Nature is a beautiful sight. 

The fourth sense that I want to talk about is the sense of taste. Without taste you couldn’t enjoy eating any foods. Taste buds are the reason of why food is amazing. Taste helps you enjoy life. My family may seem weird to other families because we don’t eat at most restaurants and eat healthier. We drink milk strait from a farm too. 

The fifth and final sense is the sense of touch. Without touch you feel dogs hair, warmth, or cold. Describing these five senses in an autobiography is very important. If the author didn’t describe them then the autobiography would be hard to understand.

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