Hellen Keller’s “prison” was blindness and deafness. She got them from a disease. If you are blind you can hear things so you know some things around you. If you are deaf you can see and most likely not kill yourself. If you are both of these you are just sunk, but Hellen Keller wasn’t. When somebody can’t hear or see you can’t really learn so you can’t speak either cause you don’t know how to. Just being blind or deaf you could be able to learn how to speak but both gone it is almost impossible. You can learn though to speak through your hands and your mouth. somehow it is possible to place fingers on someone’s face in specific places and understand what they are saying. If you are deaf and blind someone can place their hand on yours and do sigh language. You still have to learn that they have a meaning though. First incident that led Hellen Keller out of her “prison” was learning to communicate.

With Anne’s help Helen learned to communicate by using hand signals. It started when her teacher spelled a simple word in Hellen’s hand. She continued from there teaching Hellen more and more word’s so that she could communicate with her teacher, her family, and other blind and deaf people. Hand signals helped Hellen out of her “prison” but it didn’t stop from there.

Next Hellen was taught to read. Hellen’s teacher thought that reading would be a big help in Hellen’s life so that she could do school and learn. I don’t really know how blind people read though so I can’t tell you otherwise I would. Learning to read was a really big step in Hellen’s life because it helped her in school, learning, and enjoying things.

Hellen Keller was an extraordinary woman and is a famous one too. She met other famous people and helped people with her autobiography. And even though she was deaf and blind, she was the first deaf-blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. I think that she was an amazing person. I am so glad that I had the chance to write about her.  

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