15 benefits of the Ron Paul Curriculum. 1# It can be done on electronics at home instead of going to school every morning. 2# It uses essays every four lessons. Papers are a good way on learning more. This is an essay! 3# It teaches the truth about God and the Bible instead of evolution. 4# It teaches me things that I can use anytime in my life. 5# Homeschooling is easier because Kids don’t have to wait turns for their moms help. 6# It tells me how to act with others. 7# You can focus easier because your not surrounded with other people. 8# You can understand things better. 9# You don’t have to wait to use the bathroom. You can just pause the lesson. 10# You can rewind the lesson if you miss something. 11# You can finish school faster. 12# It has enough lessons that you and your family can go on trips. 13# It teaches me to retain important information. 14# You get to read important books. 15# You learn to sell things. 

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