As long as I can remember I have been raising chickens for their eggs. Here are some pointer reasons on why people should eat eggs more often.

1#  Chicken eggs have a lot of protein.

2# Eggs are highly nutritious

3# They have recommended vitamins..

4# They help you grow.

5# They may support eye health.

6# Lots of meals can be made from chicken eggs.

7# They taste amazing.

8# They contain some important minerals.

In my opinion eggs are some of the best meals that people can eat. And when my chickens stop laying I can butcher them. Here are some pointer tips about chicken meat.

1# Chicken has a very high protein content.

2# Chicken is highly nutritious.

3# Chicken tastes amazing. 

4# People sell it everywhere so it is easy to get.

5# Chicken has important minerals.

6# Chicken has important minerals.

7# Chicken is one of the most common meats that is prevalent all around the world. 

8# There are many ways that you can get it.

I love chicken because to me it tastes the best. Every time we have chicken for dinner my siblings fight over the legs. That’s because they are one of the best parts. And they love it because they can hold it without getting too greasy. This is why people should eat more chicken eggs and chickens.

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