Should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography? In any case I am first going to say what reconstructed speeches are. A reconstructed speech is a speech or conversation or anything that you can not quite remember but you have to piece it back together. Most of the time you will not get it fully right. What I do in this case is I try to remember the important and interesting parts about the story. If you forget an important part and want or need to write it down you can ask someone else that was at the speech and ask them about it. If there is a problem in which you cannot get in touch with someone that was there you can try to remember what was happening and write it down if you are writing down. An important time to take notes is when somebody is giving you important advice for your future. Taking notes is important when somebody is talking about how to help your future because they could be helpful in your future. it is much easier than trying to remember.

 Well anyway let me answer the question. Should I include reconstructed speeches in my autobiography? And the answer is that depends. Surprised? That depends is the answer because if you remember a speech or conversation that you want to include And you get everything correct or close you will not need reconstruction on that topic. But if you forget something interesting or important in your life that you want to include in your autobiography you are going to have to include some reconstruction to fill in the parts that you forgot about. That is one reason why you should keep a diary or journal. It will help you remember parts in your life that you may have forgotten. The more stuff you put in your journal the less you have to remember. If you put interesting stuff in your autobiography people who read it would probably want to share it. When I write my autobiography (if I ever do) it would be a lot of fun. I would have a blast writing my autobiography and looking back at my life before I would write it. It would be fun because I could look back at funny parts of my life. So remember, if you journal you can prevent reconstruction in your autobiography.

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