Let’s say that I own a egg laying chicken business that makes eight hundred a year with fifty chickens and two dollars a dozen and I want to sell my business. My first goal is to find someone that is responsible enough to take good care of animals while making money. If I can find one of those people I will sell him half of my chickens for about two hundred dollars. After that I will buy twenty meat chicken chicks. For a year while still making money with meat chickens I will fatten up my meat chickens and butcher them. I will sell one chicken for thirty dollars. From that I will have made six hundred dollars and more with my egg layers. To make my business bigger I will use my money to buy more egg and meat laying chickens. I will eat some of my meat chickens and eggs. You don’t need to work at big companies or stores to make a lot of money. Small businesses can earn you just about the same amount of money as you would working for a big company. All you need to do is a lot harder work than you would as a cashier.

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