One of the parts I remember from Washington’s book is when he was a kid looking to earn some money. He saw the captain of a ship and his crew unloading some cerates so he went and asked if he could help them unload and in return a descent meal. The captain was pleased with Washington’s work and asked Washington if he could help him for a few more days. Washington accepted and with the money he earned bought a meal. He described it as the best meal of his childhood. After a few days Washington went off with the money he earned to school.

Another part I remember from the book is when Washington is trying to get into school. The woman who he is talking with told him to clean a room. Washington swept, and dusted, and cleaned laundry multiple times each! When the woman went in the room she could not find one speck of dust and so she told him that he could join school and if he was janitor cleaning could be half of his payment. He gladly accepted. Washington was so good at cleaning because where he came from he and a few other slaves were taught to clean.

One of the more sudden parts I remember from the book was when Washington was starting a school. He had to pay a few thousand dollars for a house and property to farm. He sent a letter to a friend and his friend sent him back a lot of money. To pay for the rest of the land he and his students made a bake sale and asked for donations. their first animal donation was a blind horse. In five months they made five hundred dollars! Once an old woman came to them and said that she had no money, but she gave them six eggs which were her savings. A big surprise that happened for me and them was that two old women sent them six thousand dollars for every year from twelve to fourteen years!

These are the three stories that I remember the most from Washington’s book. In all of these stories Washington was being diligent. It might of been because he was a hard worker for his master as a kid or because he knew what his goal was and worked toward it, but I think it was because God put it in his heart to do it. Work in your life to be diligent and your life will go better for you.

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