Three time-allocation changes that could increase my productivity the most are making a wake-up schedule, making a school schedule, and making a free time schedule. A wake-up schedule cold help me all day because if I wake up early I can plan the way I am going to do the stuff that day by making schedules. I could get school done quicker, get chores done quicker, and that will get me more play time.

By making a school schedule I get done with school way quicker. I eat lunch at noon so if I wanted to get school done before I eat lunch I could set my alarm clock for seven thirty, wake up, eat breakfast, then start school at eight and finish early. A wake-up schedule could help a lot in this because if I wake up early I can get school done quicker.

If I make a free time schedule that means I could get more or less time to play, it depends. If I got school done before noon that means I could have more time to play. I could also work on cleaning the house and make things. A wake-up schedule means that you could get done with school quicker which means that you can have more time doing what you love to do.

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