Washington’s arguments against the slave system were that slavery was a bad system, ex-slaves were better off as free men but still struggled, ex-slaves needed work and a work ethic, and that ex-slaves needed far better education. First that slavery was a bad system. Washington thought that slavery was a bad system because he thought that slaves should be free and have good work and good houses to live in. I agree fully with Washington, but in my point of view of what he said slaves should have a right of to what they choose to do and have work of their own. Slavery is also a bad system because the slaves were punished sometimes even just for the fun of it. That is wrong.

Slaves are better off free, but they still struggle. Slaves are better off free because they aren’t punished, they don’t have to work so hard every day, and they get the sleep they need. Although they aren’t treated like other people outside of the property and they don’t get jobs that easily unless they go up north. If I could of been in charge of all slavery back then I would free all the slaves and let them live good lives. The slaves deserved good lives and good people helping them.

Slaves need a good job and a good job ethic. Slaves when they were slaves worked well and hard diligently. They need good work to get money so they can get food to eat. Without money or at least a permanent home someone’s life can be horrible. I would of given slaves good work and good money back then. Slaves also needed school to learn to do stuff like to read, to make a job, and learn math to count money. I hope you agree with me.

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