For starters I could cut out some time of electronics. I am not one of those people who do electronics 24-7 but I do plenty. If I cut out some electronic time I could do stuff like working on school more, cleaning, and looking for a small job that I could do. To clean for an hour that wouldn’t be that hard for me. It would just mean getting to get the house cleaner and it would actually do something instead of just sitting around all day watching TV.

Also if I want the house to be much cleaner all I have to do is cut out some time on my favorite hobbies. That will defiantly get me more time to clean. cleaning is very important in this house. Although when parents are sick I need to put away what I’m doing and take care of the house. Just think that if your house is dirty you can stop whatever you are doing and clean. Cut out things that are not important in your life and do something important in it. Take my advice cut out inefficient things and put in efficient ones.

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