The short war that broke out after the First Punic War was the Mercenary War. The Second Punic War began in 218 B.C. and lasted five years. This war is short, don’t you think?

Hannibal started fighting in Iberia by swearing an oath to never join forces with Rome. He did and went to battle with his father. His father drowned so his cousin became king but died so Hannibal became king. Hannibal declared war on an important city, Saguntum. His army had 38,000 men, 8,000 calvery, and 37 elephants. Italy has never seen elephants, so they were scared to death. Hannibal is remembered today as one of the greatest military leaders ever in history. If you were Hannibal, would you do the same as hi or better? Hope you liked this paper on Hanibal and the Second Punic War!