Rome sent ambassadors to mediate local quarrels because they wanted to maintain peace. The Senanes and Clusians could not be reconciled in 387 B.C. When the Gauls invaded Rome, they sacked the city. No one had ever sacked Rome before. A general named Marcus Camillus saved the day and the nickname second Romulus was given to him. Camillus got to serve as dictator in Rome five times. Rome thought about moving their capital to Veii.

The Romans fought the Samnites in the Samnite Wars. The Samnites started the First Samnite War because they wanted to expand their country. Rome started the second war and won. In the Third Samnite War, the Samnites and Etruscans teamed up but were defeated by Rome! The only part of Italy Rome did not conquer at this time was the Po Valley. Rome is strong, don’t you think?