Step one get attention, step two identify the problem or need, step three position your product (or service) as the solution, step four prove your case, and step five ask for the order. 

Step one, Get attention. There are many ways to get peoples attention like a billboard or an add on the internet. Sometimes you might see little signs in the ground when your driving. 

Step two, Identify the problem. On step one I mentioned a billboard On a billboard you can state a problem most businesses have, say you can fix it and the price it is. Or if you have a restaurant then you could make an add about it. 

Step three, Position your product (or service) as the solution. I already said this, but on a billboard you can state how your business helps other businesses.

Step four, Prove your case. Well you cannot write a lot on a billboard, but if someone wants to try your business, but doesn’t know if they can trust it they may look it up on the internet. That is why you need to have an article about your business where people reading it know they can trust your business.

Step five, Ask for order. If they choose no then there’s always more people, but if they say yes then GREAT JOB! I hope that L could help you with this paper.

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