When the Trojan war came to an end Odysseus decided to return home to his wife and son. Odysseus and his men get hungry on the way back so when they found an island they stoped there and looked for food. They go into a cave to see if anyone lives there and a cyclops comes in. The cyclops shuts the door and makes a fire then sees Odysseus and and his men. The cyclops eats two men and agrees to eat Odysseus last because of the wine he made. The cyclops goes to sleep then Odysseus and his men put a spear into the fire until it was red the stuck it into the cyclops eye.

They escape and sail to an island called Aeolia. There the king of winds lived. Aeolus greeted Odysseus and his men well. Odysseus asked if Aeolus could make the winds take them to their island and he agreed. When they were almost home Odysseus’s men thought there was gold in the bag that held the east, south, and north winds in it and opened the bag. the winds leapt and blew them back to Aeolia. Aeolus became furious and made them leave his island.

Soon they came to another island and this time Odysseus sent three men to investigate. Those three found a girl getting water and she told them to go to the king of that island where they would be welcomed. The three went to the king and found out that the people were cannibals! The king jumped on one and ate him alive while the others ran back to tell Odysseus. The cannibals started throwing huge boulders at the ships and only Odysseus’s escaped.

Soon they came to another island called Aedea. Odysseus sent 23 men to investigate. Those men found a castle and a woman named Circe offered them some food. They ate like hogs so Circe who was an enchantress turned them into hogs. One man escaped and told Odysseus and he went himself to confront her. On the way a god gave Odysseus an herb so Circes magic couldn’t work on him. Odysseus made her turn his men back into people and to tell him the way home.

They were to go to a river and make a blood sacrifice and a ghost would tell them how to reach home. After that they sailed past a cave and a six headed monster came out and ate six men. The boat escaped and came to the island of the sun god. The crew, but not Odysseus ate two of the sun gods cattle and that made Zeus so mad that he threw a lightning bolt at the ship. Only Odysseus survived so he made a raft and sailed home where his wife and son hadn’t forgotten about him. Odysseus disguised as a beggar and found out that many men were trying to marry his wife so he killed all of them and lived the rest of his life with his wife and his son.

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