Why do people like TV. Well there are many reasons, but if you watch too much TV your brain could get inured. Some people watch too much TV and when they get old they won’t have a lot of money because watching TV wasted it. Just a little TV every day isn’t really bad for you, but there are some people that when they were kids watched so much TV that either their brain is wrecked now or they don’t get a lot of money and they are wasting it.

TV isn’t worth it. back then people used to survive without TV so why can’t we do it now. There are many things that we can do today like camping, working, helping elderly people, and playing outside. So why do people still watch TV. It is their decision so if they want to waste their life they can. If you have kids that are still in their young age or maybe any age take them on fun trips and try to keep them away from electronics so they will do it with their kids when they grow up.

If I grow up to be an old man with a bad job and watch TV almost 24/7 then I won’t have a lot of money because I would have wasted it on TV. Don’t grow old to be like that. Use your life for something important rather than watching TV. Share this paper with parents and help kids not to be grumpy old people who sit around and watch TV.

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