Abraham had two sons named Jacob and Esau. Jacob stole Esau’s birthright and was chased out. Jacob found his uncle and worked for him seven years for his uncle’s younger daughter, but he was tricked and got the older daughter. So Jacob worked another seven years and got the younger daughter. Jacob had twelve sons, and his favorite Joseph who was the second youngest. The other brothers were jealous and sold him into slavery to Egypt and told their father that he was killed by a wild animal. Joseph worked for a man named Potiphar, but got in trouble with Potiphar’s wife and went to jail. Two men there had dreams and Joseph interpreted them. One would die and one would work for the Pharaoh again. They came true, but then the Pharaoh started having dreams. Joseph was taken out of prison to interpret the Pharaoh’s dreams. They meant that there would be seven good years of harvest and then seven years of famine. For this he was second in charge of everything. Soon his brothers came looking for food because the famine had taken out their crops. Joseph revealed himself to them and they moved to Egypt to live with him. Soon a new pharaoh came and didn’t know joseph so he put the Israelites into slavery. Then Moses came and led them out of Egypt and led them through the wilderness the Promise Land.

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