The business that I want to write about is Taco Bell. The first topic is sales and marketing. That is when the people who work there try to get others to go eat there. They have ads, they have coupons , and they are on different apps. Their job is to find customers then sell to the customers. The second area of business is operations. Operations is how the food is made, or the food is bought, and what everyone’s  job is. They have different options to buy they’re products. One is buying them at different stores. another is getting food straight from farmers. There are four main jobs. The Team member, Cashier, Hostess, and Manager. All of these roles are important in their own ways. The third and last area of business is Finance and Administrations. This is how they handle their money. They need to buy only what they need, pay the employ’s, and keep it safe. These three things are important to having a good business. 

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