There were 20 kings of Judah. The first king of Judah who was remembered as a good king was Asa, the third king of Judah. The first kings were Rehoboam and Abijah. Asa made a treaty with Ben-Hadad. Elijah told Asa God was not pleased of him, but Asa threw Elijah in jail. He died for reigning 41 years.

   Asa’s son was Jehoshaphat, and his son was Jehoram. Jehoram married Athaliah, who was not a believer. Their son, Ahaziah was a wicked king. His mother Athaliah was the only queen of Judah and killed all her grandchildren, but her youngest grandchild escaped.

   His name was Joash. Joash was six years old when he became king. When his grandmother heard the shouting, she rushed into the temple and ordered Joash to be killed. They wouldn’t listen. Joash commanded Athaliah to be stoned, and she was.

   Joash’s son, Amaziah was the next king. He started out as a good king like his father. Then he worshiped idols, but soon his people killed him.

   His son, Uzziah, was a good king, but he also sinned. God struck him with leprosy. His son reigned with him because his father was sick and so his brothers would not kill him. The other kings of Juday were Jotham, Ahaz, Hezekiah, Manasseh, Amon, and Josiah.