David was the youngest son of Jesse. He was a shepherd, and his brothers were in the army of King Saul. While David was a shepherd, he practiced his slingshot. He killed a lion and a bear.

   One day, his father asked him to check on his brothers. David went to check on them and he saw a giant saying, “Let your best man come and fight me, and if you win, we will be your servants. If we win, you will become our servants.” David went to Saul and told him he would fight Goliath, and Saul said, “No you are too little. He will slaughter you.” But David said, “The Lord God is with me.” Saul said Okay and let David put on his armor. The armor was too heavy. David took it off. He went to a river and got five smooth stones. The next day, David faced Goliath and Goliath said that David came to him with a stick. David said he came with God, and he swung his slingshot. He hit Goliath in the forehead, and Goliath fell. Just to make sure he was dead, David cut off Goliath’s head with Goliath’s sword. The Philistines fled and Israel’s army ran and killed most of their army.

   Samuel, a prophet, told Saul David would be the next king. Saul was selfish and tried to kill David. When David was in the forest, Samuel anointed David. Devid waited until Saul was dead. When he was dead, David came out from hiding, but everyone else wanted Saul’s sone to be king. So David waited two more years then became king. While David was still king, he did sin. One of those sins was he married a woman named Bathsheba who was married to a person named Uriah. One battle, David told his people to kill Uriah, and they did. For David’s punishment, their first son died in childbirth.