Sampson was one of the judges of Israel. One day the Angel of the Lord came to a woman and told her she would have a son. He would be a Nazarite so he could not drink wine, he could not touch dead animals, and he could not cut his hair. She named her son Sampson.

   Sampson did a lot of foolish things. He married a Philistine woman. He touched a dead animal on his way to the wedding. He even drank wine at his wedding. Later, he found out that his wife had married a different man. He became angry, so he caught 300 foxes, then tied torches to their tails and the foxes burned the fields. The Philistines became angry, but Sampson was too strong to kill, so they killed his wife and her father.
   Later, he fell in love with another Philistine woman. Her name was Delilah. The Philistine lords said they would each give her eleven hundred pieces of silver if she would find Sampson’s weakness. Sampson lied to her three times, but the fourth time he told her about his hair. Then, Sampson fell asleep and Delilah cut his fair then she received the silver. At the temple, the Philistines poked out his eyes and when they took him to the party, Sampson asked if they could lean him beside the middle pillar, then he asked God for his strength back, and God gave it. Then Sampson pushed as strong as he could on the pillar and the temple fell on the Philistines.
   Even though Sampson disobeyed, God still used him to save Israel from the Philistines.