Moses was a great leader. He led the Israelites out of Egypt. He always did what God commanded, even when it was strange. One of those strange times was when God told him to touch the ground with his staff and the dust would turn to lice and he obeyed. Sadly, one of those times Moses disobeyed. The Israelites complained about a lack of water, so God told Moses to speak to a rock, but Moses disobeyed and hit the rock and water came forth.

   Another story in the Bible is about a person named Balaam. The Moabites wanted Balaam’s advice on how to defeat Israel. Balaam asked God what he should do, and the Lord said don’t go with them, but Balaam chose to do his own thing. In order to get Balaam’s attention, God put an angel in the road. His donkey saw the angel and ran off the road. He hit the donkey three times, but the third time the donkey spoke and Balaam realized God was speaking to him. He asked for forgiveness and decided to do things God’s way.

   Sometimes God’s plans seem weird or it seems hard, but we should always obey. I do not want to miss out on all of the amazing things like Moses did. This is why we should always obey God.

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