As Kourdakov was writing his book he used many contrast to tell us how different things worked in his book. One of these was communist meetings and Sunday afternoons. As a communist Kourdakov hated Christians or as they called them Believers. I don’t think that any one knows that reason accept if you lived back there when it was happening. They raided the Christians meeting and gave them hard beatings they would never forget. Kourdakov did not get much days off accept for some Sundays. On a Sunday morning Kourdakov’s boss told him to get his men and go to a specific area in the woods because there was going to be a Christion Baptismal meeting there. Kourdakov and his men treated it like a normal day off in the woods drinking and playing their guitars and other stuff they did like that until the raid.

Another contrast that was discovered in the book was Kourdakov’s private life and his public life. His private life was working in the KJB or the secret police. Kourdakov was told by his boss to keep the things that they do (beating and taking specific Believers) a secret because if the public found out what they did they might revolt against them. besides his private life was his public life. Kourdakov liked drinking vodka with his cadets because they were like family to him (His parents died, his brother had left him, and he was raised in many different orphanages). Almost everything he did was with his cadets and no one expected him of any wrongdoing. We would never had known this if he had never contrasted his private life and his public life. These contrasts made his book very interesting.

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