At this current moment I do not have an income, but let’s say for the moment that I do. If I made sixty dollars a week that would be two hundred forty dollars an hour which would be two thousand eight hundred eighty dollars a year. Since I live with my parents I don’t have to pay for anything, but when I grow up I will have to pay for a lot of things. For example electricity, gas for my car, food, and toiletries. Right now I am trying to save up for collage . If I save up thirty dollars a week that would be two hundred and ten dollars a month which would be two thousand five hundred and twenty dollars a year.

To save up easier on things I could not use up as much electricity by watching less TV not use the heater as much. To save on gas I could use my car less and go to cheaper gas stations. for my food I could go to cheaper stores and not eat as much. to save up from toiletries I could buy less, share with a family member, and go to cheaper stores. If I do this well enough I can go to collage someday soon.

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