According to “We all face moments in our lives when we must make decisions that will determine which way our lives will go. These moments are called turning points. Some people experience many turning points in their lives, while others only experience a few. For someone, it might be stopping smoking after being told that they have lung cancer. For another person it might be choosing to start wearing a seat belt after getting into a car accident where they were injured because they were not wearing a seat belt. Maybe your turning point was a spiritual turning point, like mine was. Let me tell you about it.”

A turning point in my life not a major turning point just a normal one was when I started using Instead of using ACE paces I started to do school on the computer. It is different because I now instead of tests I have to write papers which is what this is. It is hard for me though because this paper is for ninth graders an I am only in seventh grade. I think that Ron Paul Curriculum teaches you more than normal school would though. At first I thought that Ron Paul was hard and boring but now I get taught a lot more than I would if I was still doing ACE.

Trusting Jesus as my Savior also changed my life forever. I don’t remember how or when I trusted Christ as my Savior like my brother Owen as you can see in his paper but I do remember that I did. My brother Owen writes in his paper that after he trusted Christ as his Savior he stoped having nightmares. That is the same for me accept that whenever I go to bed hating someone or being really mad I have nightmares. We go to AWANA every Wednesday night and Trail Life every Monday night. Those are really fun.

If you have any kids that haven’t had any major turning points they could probably have some soon, or if you are a kid yourself and had any you could probably have some soon. All grownups probably already had some. I hope that you learned something about major turning points in this paper and I hope you liked it.

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