The Latin word for a family run by a father is Paterfamilias. That is a strange word, do you not think? I would of never made up that word.

The purpose of children in Rome was to serve the state. A bulla is a charm that baby boys get to keep away evil spirits. A bulla is a strong name. I would never name it that. Would you?

Children started school at the age of seven and ended at age eleven. If the parents were rich, they could go on farther. Roman girls married at age 12, even though it was more common at age 14. They married young because it was motivated for the family. Boys married at age 20. When a boy became 14, there was a ceremony for him to become a man. He had to shave and give up his bulla.

A difference in gender relations in Greece and Rome are girls are not treated equally with boys in Rome, but they were treated equally with boys in Greece. Rome is mean to girls. Greece is nice to girls.