The Boxcar Children, Henry, Jesse, Violet, and Benny, went to visit their Aunt and Uncle in San Francisco, California. In San Francisco, they met a fisherman named Charlie. They found out Charlie was having trouble. They also saw a mysterious man. Charlie had a helper. Her name was Kate. Charlie also had two fisherman friends named Tony and Joe. Charlie fished for a man named Vito. Vito owned a restaurant. Kate invited the children to stay with her in her houseboat for a night. Aunt Jane said yes, so they got warm clothes and spent the night. In the night they heard a noise and looked out the window and saw someone. In the morning, they went with Charlie to go fishing. They suddenly stopped and found out somebody let all the gas out so Kate checked on the radio while Charlie and the children fished. They didn’t catch anything because the nets were cut. Kate came back and said one of the radio wires were cut but just then they saw Tony and Joe take the children to shore and brought Charlie gas. Onshore, Vito did not want to buy fish from Charlie anymore and decided to buy some from Joe. Joe asked for his lantern and Henry remembered the broken lamp he saw. He gt the lamp and the piece of broken glass and figured out Joe did everything. They also found out Kate had a sister Jan. The last thing they found out was that the mysterious man was an investigator. The Boxcar Children were glad they helped Charlie.