One day I was playing in my backyard. I was swinging, then I jumped off. I landed on the ground, but instead of seeing my house, I saw the Ark!

It was strange. Did I get sent back in time? I saw animals going into the ark and I saw Noah preaching. I also saw people laughing at Noah and the Ark. None of them would go on the ark because there had never been rain. I was the only one who did.

Noah’s family, the animals, and I got on the Ark and then it started to rain. God shut the door of the Ark, so no water would get in. All the people were sorry that they didn’t believe, but it was too late. Everyone drowned and the rest of the animals did too. The sea animals did not go on the boat because they could swim. In the Ark, I worked. I fed the animals, I watered the animals, and I helped cooking the food. It rained for forty days and forty nights. When it stopped raining, Noah sent out a dove, but it came back with nothing. the next day, he sent the dove out again and it came back with the branch of an olive tree, so Noah knew there was land. The next day, he sent out the dove one more time and it did not come back. Then Noah knew the dove made a nest. A while later, they were on a hill. God opened the door, and Noah and his family made an alter. I was thirsty so I got a drink, then in front of me, I saw my house. I was home! I went inside and told them the story, but I don’t think they believed.