One day Hank got hit in the head with a club. When he woke up, he didn’t know where he was. He saw a young girl and a castle. He followed her into the castle and gt sent to jail. The King, King aurther said he was going to be burned two days later. Hank knew the next day was the eclipse, so he asked to be burned the next day. The next day they put him on a post and he pretended he was a magician and pretended to block out the sun. They were scared and asked him to let the sun shine, so awhile later he said he would and the eclipse was over. They soon named him The Boss.

A couple days later, a woman named Sandy came to the castle and said she was going to free some princes and princesses. She said they were at an orge’s castle. The king told Hank to go with her and when they got there, Hank found out they were pigs and went back to the castle with them. Sandy and Hank got married and had a daughter and named her Hello-Central.

The King and Hank disguised themselves as peasants to see what the phesents’ life was like. They found a house with a disease, met some children, and almost got hanged. They went home and found out some people were going to attack them. Hank set up an electric fence and killed some people. At the end of the battle, Hank got sick and slept for a few days and when he woke up, he was with Dandy. He was about to die, so he held Hello-Central one last time.