One day I woke up. Owen and Liam were at school, Dad took Thain and Libby to a party then went to work, and Mom was sick. I fed my animals and Thain’s fish. After that, I ate breakfast then started my homework. Mom got up at ten o’clock and I had one more pace left. Mom asked me to clean the house because some people were going to check the house for termites. I finished my pace in fifteen minutes then started to clean the living room. Half an hour later, I started on the dining room. I finished at eleven o’clock then cleaned the bathroom just in case.

I was making mom lunch at twelve, then someone knocked. I answered the door and a man asked me where my mom was. I told him she was sick and he said he would just start. I shut the door, finished making mom’s lunch, then gave it to her. I made my lunch and while I was eating, I saw the truck drive away. At two-thirty, mom told me to ride my bike to school and bring Owen’s and Liam’s bikes too. I rode with them to school and brought Owen and Liam home. They started their homework while I went to check on mom and found out she was fine. At four-thirty, dad brought Thain and Libby home. We had an early dinner, and I went to bed early.