The business opportunity which most intrigued me this week is writing. By writing I mean being an author. I read lots of books and so does my brother Owen. Really I don’t buy books because either I get some for my birthday or Christmas, the other option is I wait for Owen to buy himself books then I read them. The books that I read are action packed and if I had nothing important to do I could just read them all day. Being an author sounds great for the first half, but not the second. I say this because the first half is writing the book which is fun. The second half is getting the book published and everything else after that. I have lots of great ideas for books I could write, if I become an author. I’m creative, I’ve read a lot of books, and I have all my brothers to give me some good ideas. If there are so much authors and so much books in the world then how will my book or books get read. Well first my family and friends would get told about it and then share it with their friends. And secondly I could sell it in bookstores and online. This job would be great.

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