What was Aeschylus’s view of the Trojan war? Aeschylus was born in 525BC in Eleusis, Greece. In 458BC he at Gela, Italy. In Greek history Aeschylus was known as “the father as tragedy.” He earned this name because he wrote many tragic plays. It was said that he wrote many plays, a lot of them are lost. His most famous play is probably “Agamemnon.” In this play he gives some of his ideas on the Trojan war. Though he only gives brief accounts on the famous and horrifying war. This play was hard for me to understand, but thankfully my teacher was talking me through it. 

The Trojan is a very famous war even though we have no idea if it existed or not. Many people believe that Troy really did exist and they spend their lives looking for it. Others search for Troy because they want to know if it existed. There is very little proof that the Trojan war existed and some people think that they will find it although we only know of Troy through stories. The war supposably lasted ten years. The Trojans were said to have lost the war and ended as a civilization. Their enemy was Greece and they also lost many men. 

The main character in the play Agamemnon was Agamemnon. In this play the Trojan war was so horrible that Agamemnon offered up a human sacrifice, his own daughter Iphigenia and didn’t even hesitate in the process. How wicked can you get? This was a sacrifice to the gods to settle down the war. He showed no mercy in the process and never even stopped for a second because he was murdering his daughter! Aeschylus was probably trying to say that the war effected the minds of people enough to kill their own children. The Trojans were wicked people and the war was so bad that they became even more wicked. Aeschylus is probably saying that the war ruined the minds of the people. 

The war had no justice in it. If someone killed a family member you and your family had every right to kill them. If you murder you get murdered. The men had no morals and without morals men become animals. Reason is what separates men from animals and is you have no reason you are an animal. Those are some of Aeschylus’s views on the Trojan war. 

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