The business which most intrigued me is piano teaching. My mom loves to play the piano and she is amazing at it. When she was younger she gave piano lessons. She also taught me a little. She practiced piano in college and her teacher said that she should play in concerts. So where is this heading. If I can learn the piano more, enough to teach then I can give other people piano lessons. This would be a great job for me because I love music and I already know the piano a little bit. 

Another business which most intrigued me is cooking. I love to cook. If I have the recipe, it’s time for a meal, I’m not busy , and if my mom doesn’t want to cook I might make something for the family, or if there’s not really enough to make something for the whole family I’ll just make everyone an egg. We probably won’t run out of eggs because I have chickens. I would need to get hired at a restaurant first and then start learning recipes. 

To me Learning piano is a little hard and it would be harder to teach it. Cooking is easy, but if I messed up on one meal that would be bad for the business. I love both of them, but each would be a challenge of it’s own.

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