The business opportunity which most intrigued me. There are two. Babysitting and an egg laying business. 

I like baby sitting because I’m great with kids or so everyone tells me. When parents need a break they need a babysitter. They might have a meeting they have to go to or they just want to spend time with each other. That’s when they hire a babysitter. I would go over and watch their kids for how long they needed me to. I like babysitting because it’s fun playing with kids. 

I love chickens, live or dead. Only if the dead one is dinner though. I have my own chickens so selling eggs will be easy for me. I love to cook and eat the eggs. I’ve been taking care of chickens for most of my life and I love it. I just feed them, water them, gather the eggs, sell the eggs, then put the chickens away for the night. 

Both of these jobs are simple and I love doing them. 

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