The death and afterlife were very important for the Egyptians. They were polytheistic, which means they worshiped many gods. One of those gods was Osiris, who was the god of the afterlife. His wife, Isis, was the goddess of the dead and magic. These were two of the main gods they worshiped.

   The Egyptians wanted to get to the afterlife safely. They believed that the body carried the spirit safely to the afterlife; however, if the body decomposes, the spirit dies, and it does not go to the afterlife. So, to solve that problem they invented mummification. First, they removed the brain, then the organs, then they filled the body with spices. They put the organs in four different jars to keep them safe. Lastly, they rubbed salt on the body, then they wrapped the body in linens.

   Pyramids were built to keep mummies in. The mummies were entombed with furniture and food to make them comfortable on their journey to the afterlife. They were also buried with their money and jewelry so that they could be rich in the afterlife. These are ways that show how the Egyptians were obsessed with the afterlife.