Thutmose III was known as the greatest of all pharaohs. He reigned from 1479 BC to 1425 BC. We know this because of the records left by Amenemhat. It was Amenemhat’s job to take notes and keep records for the Pharaohs. His reign ended because he died on March 11, 1425 BC.

Thutmose III was also known as a warrior pharaoh. He captured 350 cities during his military campaigns. The main reason he won so many battles is because of improved weapons. His victories were written on the inner walls at the Karnak Temple of Amun. He spent a lot of time rebuilding Karnak. He also hired royal artists to design a botanical garden.

Thutmose also had two daughters: Nefrubity and Hatshepsut. We are fairly certain that Nefrubity married King Solomon. We are also fairly certain that Hatshepsut visited King Solomon as queen of Sheba. I like learning about people living at the same time as the Bible.