The ideal apprenticeship job, and why. Right now since I am a kid the job I want right now is a egg-laying chicken business. My dad owns some land so I can raise some chickens and sell them for four dollars a dozen. I want an egg-laying chicken business because I am good with animals and I love chickens. I have done this in the past and I am good with it so I just need to raise some more chickens and if they are good egg layers I can get some more money. But I don’t want this job because of the money. I want to have this job because I like taking care of animals. I can also buy some meat chickens or more egg-layers and that will help me get more money and have more chickens. Plus if the chickens stop laying eggs they are really tasty.

I can also get some meat chickens. They are easy for me to do because all I have to do is feed them and water them and when they are fat enough butcher them. I can sell them for a bit and save some for myself to eat. chickens are an easy business as long as you know how to do them.

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