Why do I think Plunkitt was so open about how he made his money? First I will tell you a few things about Plunkitt. His full name was really George W. Plunkitt. He was a millionaire and a million dollars in their time would be about a few trillion dollars in our time, but that is just a guess. He was born on November 17, 1842. He was a politician and very powerful in his time. He served in “both houses of the New York State Legislature” and was “a vehement critic of the Civil Service”. He was in charge of Tammany Hall until his death in November 19, 1924 which was strangely two days after his birthday.

I think that he was a very strange and smart person. No matter if he was in or out of office he would find jobs for people and that was how he got people to be and remain faithful in him. This is how he got all of his power many years ago. This is why I think that he was smart and kind of weird but it worked out for him. He probably thought of finding jobs for people by being kind to them. He must have been really kind to look for people and talk to them himself. He knew that Patriotism was supporting the people of the state so he used that. Patriotism is supporting ones country and he thought that the country wasn’t the land or the government but the people. He got more loyalty than most people do even when he just met them. He was probably very smart to do things like this.

Now to answer the real question of this paper that you have all been waiting for: Why do I think Plunkitt was so open about how he made his money? This answer is simple. He cared about other people. He gave them all his secrets of how to be successful just because he cared about them. As I said before he cares about people enough to find jobs for them. If he did not care about other people and just let them get poor. what kind of person would he be then? People would not vote for him and then he would become poor. He must have been very smart and kind throughout his life to be as powerful and trusted as he was. If you haven’t yet I think it would be very wise to read his autobiography.

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